General Information

Sales from our online shop are subject to the following terms and conditions which you are deemed to accept when placing an order.

Retail Terms and Conditions (version dated 1st December 2021)

These terms and conditions apply to all retail transactions through this site. Please read them carefully. They do not affect your statutory rights. We may change these terms and conditions at any time. Any changes will take effect on the date they are posted onto the site (see date above).

It is your responsibility to ensure the information you supply to us is correct. We will tell you if your payment details cannot be authorised for any reason and may invite you to pay by another method.

Postage & Packaging (P&P) Information

Postage is calculated based upon which region you are in and will be added after checkout and before the payment gateway. Please make sure that you have the correct country on your address.

Customers are responsible for paying any customs fees, and local taxes such as VAT relevant to their country (UK VAT is included in the price advertised on the website). Scarab Miniatures always records the true value on Customs and International Shipping Documentation as it is a legal and insurance requirement.

Postage is worked out as a percentage of your order. For most orders this is remarkably accurate although items such as books almost always cost more to post than the website charges. Occasionally, if there are many lighter items in your order such as transfers, the postage charged by the website might be more than the value of the stamp. Please remember that P&P does include an element to cover the packaging – packaging and boxes are suprisingly expensive!

Minimum P&P Charge

There is a minimum P&P charge of:

  • UK: £2.50 for Standard Delivery, £3.50 for Bulky or Heavy Delivery
  • EU: £4.00 for Standard Delivery, £5.00 for Bulky or Heavy Delivery
  • RoW: £5.00 for Standard Delivery, £7.00 for Bulky or Heavy Delivery
  • USA: £7.00 for Standard Delivery, £10.00 for Bulky or Heavy Delivery

Please note this is a minimum, not an additional, charge.

The high cost to the USA reflects the fact that USPS have increased the ‘last mile’ delivery costs by between 50% and in excess of 100% (July 2020). This has resulted in the UK Royal Mail creating a new unique shipping band for USA to reflect these increased costs – we apologise to our American customers but we are simply passing on the increased costs from USPS and Royal Mail.

Charge Bands

  • UK – 10% for Standard Delivery, 15% for Bulky or Heavy Delivery
  • Europe – 15% for Standard Delivery, 20% for Bulky or Heavy Delivery
  • ROW – 22% for Standard Delivery, 30% for Bulky or Heavy Delivery
  • USA – 30% for Standard Delivery, 30% for Bulky or Heavy Delivery

Bulky or Heavy

Some items are rather bulky and heavy and our postal systems charge both on weight and dimensions of package, therefore for a items that are bulky or heavy we have some different rates.  If you combine bulky and heavy items with normal items then the more costly rate will be used for the entire order as that is how we will have to post the item out.

Maximum P&P Charge

For Standard Delivery there is a maximum P&P charge of:

  • £10.00 in the UK
  • £25.00 for the EU
  • £40.00 for Rest Of The World
  • £50.00 for USA

These maximum rates do not apply to the Bulky and Heavy rate.

Delivery Times

Orders can take up to 7 days to be processed (typically around show times) – though we are usually much quicker to get your models in the post. Should there be any delay due to stock levels or production issues we will get in contact with you.

Please allow up to 28 days for delivery. At times parcels can go astray and arrive later than expected. for example, we know of Austrian customers whose parcels have gone via Australia, and Czech Republic via Thailand!

Missed Deliveries and Returned Packages

If you are not in to receive the delivery at the time the delivery is attempted most delivery companies will leave you a card or other means of making contact with them.  This will allow you to make arrangements for a redelivery or alternatively you can collect it.

If for any reason the item is returned to us (e.g. incorrect address specified, item not called for), then we will inform you immediately by email as soon as we receive the item.  From this point forth, you will be given a choice whether you wish us to re-despatch the item or for you to cancel the order.  Please note that for items that were undelivered through fault of the consumer and a refund is requested, we reserve the right to deduct our outwardly shipping fees from the refund total. Should you wish for us to re-despatch the items we may request a payment to cover the additional shipping fees. However we should note this has only ever happened a couple of times in our trading history, generally the delivery services are actually very good!

Change of Mind Cancellations

You can cancel your purchase at any time either before or up to 7 working days (excluding Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays) following the day you receive the goods. Any cancellations must be made in writing to the address below. You can obtain a full refund of the purchase price paid (including delivery costs to you) by returning the undamaged product (at your expense) to us. Whilst the goods are in your possession, you must take reasonable care of them and must not damage them.

Returns Policy – Faulty Goods

If the goods delivered to you have a manufacturing defect you may return them to us. Any refund offered due to a fault or other defect will include a refund of the applicable delivery charge and the cost of returning the goods to us. THESE RETURNS POLICIES DO NOT AFFECT YOUR LEGAL RIGHTS. DETAILS OF YOUR LEGAL RIGHTS ARE AVAILABLE FROM THE CITIZENS ADVICE BUREAU OR CONSUMER DIRECT.

In case of complaint, cancellation (or returning goods) please write using the information provided on the ‘Contact Us’ page