Happy New Year, and Order update

Happy New Year to everyone. Lets hope 2024 is enjoyable and prosperous for you all (and us!) Unfortunately, a winter cold/flu has brought the Scarab industrial empire (LOL!) to a brief halt. Normal business will resume soon, and where practical, any significantly delayed orders will receive a couple of extra miniatures. I will be sending emails where necessary. In other, related news, I continue to occasionally type away at the Projekt X rulebook and the updated War & Sorcery army lists and magic system, the latter should be sooner rather than later. There is also an update to War & Conquest due, some new generic historical wargame scenario books being written as a commission by another publisher (unsurprisingly these have a focus on War & Conquest and similar games) and the distinct possibility of some new miniatures later in the year. Some of these actually have masters done, they just need production moulds. kind regards Rob