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    A couple questions that arose as we were trying out the rules with Romans vs Barbarians.

    (1) Fighting In Difficult Terrain Woods

    A legionary unit advanced one inch into the woods to engage a German light infantry unit. Even though not fully in the woods, we figured the Legion unit would be Disordered by the terrain, losing Charge and Rank bonuses for Combat Result calculation. (and Push and shove?). The German light would get its +1 bonus for 1 rank.

    But suppose the Germans had been on the edge of the woods, and the Legionary unit was thus on the outside? Would the legionaries still get Disrupted in the combat? Does it depend on who is in the terrain>? Or would it depend on who initiated it? (Romans attacking “into woods”, vs Germans attacking “into clear”)

    (2) Charging across/through uneven or difficult terrain

    The examples on p. 60 of rulebook show the variable movement across uneven terrain could allow a unit to go faster than it could move double-pace in clear, or fail to even reach the offending terrain that caused die-rolling. But if it was a charge move that failed to reach enemy, that would require a ‘failed charge’ re-roll that, even when halved for any terrain, could be higher than the original variable terrain roll. Would we use (a) the shorter of two rolls, or (b) just use the failed charge roll even if longer. (It still has to, by definition of failed charge, fall at least 1” short of enemy.)



    Welcome to War & conquest – I also answered your other post in the QRC section

    1 – If the Romans are not in the woods, they are not disordered and get their bonuses. I acknowledge that in some cases there is a discussion if one model is in the wood and the rest are not, what should apply but being strict about it, thats the rule.

    2 – Just use b

    Hope those answers help

    any others questions feel free to ask and do let us know how the battles went

    Kind Regards
    Scarab Miniatures

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