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    Vikings v Islemen (the latter is modified somewhat)
    Situation: All of the famous Viking chiefs are gone now, yet there still remain a few who are attempting to find fame and fortune in “the old” ways by raiding isolated areas just beyond the powerful reach of established kingdoms. A quick “smash & grab” raid can still be done in the outlying areas before the King can respond – especially with many of the best fighters having yet to return from the Second Crusade.
    One such leader is the still obscure “Ragnar the Unluckiest.” A mysterious figure whose origins are lost in the mists of the past. His men come from many places, Upper Norway, the Orkneys and some from Ireland. He’ll take anyone willing to fight. He hates his moniker and hopes to earn something more “War-like.”
    It is too early to know how successful this raid has been, not all parties have returned yet. Ragnar has established a base near a poor fishing village. Some of his men are looting a nearby church, whereas others have gone even further in search of loot. But before they can consolidate, one slightly drunk scout reports that the Islemen are coming!

    Full report & pictures here:

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