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    Careless talk costs lives 🙂

    I started writing the rulebook today

    Yes its a proper skirmish game where each model represents one human, X Soldat, special operative, unknown thing, vehicle, tank etc.

    More than two people can play in a game.

    I am also writing up the background as a diversion from thinking about rules. I am very pleased with this section as it sticks with some of our original aims when we acquired Projekt X which you can read about here but has really expanded upon them.

    I have also dabbled with some fictional efforts with mixed results so far 🙂

    Not sure how it will come to market yet, we might self publish (as we did with War & Conquest) or sell it to someone else.

    Once I have a half decent draft completed there will be a battle report and then following from there, some play testers may be required 🙂

    Thanks for the interest and support so far..

    Kind Regards
    Scarab Miniatures

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