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    As I am of the belief that things will get back to more or less normal this year. I was wondering if anyone had any plans on the W&C front. I just got a packet of Victrix Republican Romans, which is a manufacturer that I have not had any experience with. With that I will be working on a few models to see what I think of them. Outside of that, I am not sure what I will be doing historically right now, but the year may change that. Anyone else have any plans yet?


    Write more army lists

    Organise a WAC event near Bristol and there is also going to be WAC at Britcon in August.

    On the army front, continue with my Trojan project (which is massive) and possibly start on Persians to fight my Greeks.

    Look forward to hear how things go with the Victrix models. They do Persians, so I shall get some to go with Wargames Atlantic and all the metal ones I have in the pile 🙂

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    Scarab Miniatures

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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