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    The lists of allies sometimes di not match up with available lists. Here is an example using the 3rd Crusade (the lists I am working on) lists from the generic Medieval book: (I think these are base upon the DBA lists, but not being a DBA player, I don’t know for sure. Maybe they have the same issue?
    IV/17 – Later Crusader, gives the following allies:
    Military Order, Byzantine or Arab Caliphate (Fatimid)
    There is no list entitled “military Order.” There is one for Teutonic Order (IV/30), but they were mostly in the Balkans; maybe not the same for Templars/Hospitallers in the Holy Land?
    Byzantine: Which one? Presumably the last one, but I would prefer if it said for sure.
    III/64 Nikephorian Byzantine (963AD – 1042AD)
    III/75 Konstantinian Byzantine (1042AD – 1071AD)
    IV/1 Komnenan Byzantine (1071AD – 1204AD)
    Arab Caliphate (Fatimid) – again, no such list in book 4. There is one with a similar name in book 3, is that what is meant?
    III/65 Fatimid Egyptian (969AD – 1171AD)
    The above is repeated in the V1 Crusades list:
    Later Crusades may take Military Order, Byzantine or Arab Caliphate (Fatimid) allies
    Again, it sure would be nice if the “allies” gave the book and army number like they do in book 2 Dark Ages. The papal Italian list (II/76) is a good example of what I am talking about how I would like to see allies listed:
    Perugian, Romagnol, Anconan, Tuscan or Spoletan Allies, III/72
    Only before 1072AD: Norman Allies, III/51
    Only before 1072AD: Imperialist Allies, III/52
    Only before 1072AD: Byzantine Allies, III/75
    Only before 1072AD: Lombard Allies, III/21
    Only after 1072AD: Norman Allies, IV/5

    The 3rd Crusaders primary opponent (IV/20 Ayyubid Egyptian (1171AD – 1250AD)) has the same issue with allies:
    Please see the Crusader, Cilician Armenia, Seljuk Turk and Byzantine Army Organisation Lists for available units.
    Which Crusader list? Early, late, either? Which Byzantine list?
    * = I know this is a labor of love, & the lists are free, so please take this as an attempt to help, not just being critical for the sake of running the rule set down.
    I am retired and have lots of time, perfectly willing to help with this and correcting some typos in the generic lists, if you want (typo example: IV/17 late crusader lists – on the upper right column heading says “dismounted knights” it should say “dismounted sergeants” or IV/20 where the character box say “naked” drummers – pretty sure you mean “Naker.”)


    Thanks – yes I didn’t do the medieval book, its not an area I know much about and I suspect its based on the lists you suggest.

    I did try and check all those lists for points clues, but undoubtably some typos got through 🙂

    Personally I would like all the lists to be expanded into their own individual lists or booklets like the age of warlords Thats a mammoth project and needs to be done by someone that knows the period. I do have some lists on the crusades, and the medieval period but really it needs someone to ‘volunteer’ and put their stamp on it

    I can help with guidance on any ‘special/feature’ rules and points checking and editing etc etc.

    If you fancy that, then let me know.

    I have sent you an email so you have my personal email rather than info, where messages tend to get lost with all the spam that arrives

    kind regards


    Kind Regards
    Scarab Miniatures

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