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    This will begin a new era for the family, thought Gaius. It is well known that he is the proud scion of a very wealthy family (his ancestors being very successful pirates and smugglers). Unfortunately, it has been far too recently that the family gained citizenship, when his grandfather served in the navy during the last war with Carthage. Captained his own ship he did. Wealth and property, but Gaius, Gaius Julius Iglesias in fact wants more! He longs to be a Senator.
    The old families of Rome, however, have no intention of allowing such prestige to come to such an impudent upstart. They are willing to use his wealth of course but will make sure he does not receive any credit for victories but are more than willing to lay the blame for any defeats.
    Somewhere in the northern Italy, there is a possibility. Gaius will give his daughter in marriage in order to solidify an alliance with an important Celtic chieftain. Unfortunately, Rome has lost contact with Hannibal’s army. Rumor says that the Carthaginians may send some Celts to intercept, but probably just old men and young boys. You’ll be home by the solstice they say. Hannibal is nowhere nearby.
    Rome will give one legion along with some cavalry under two experienced commanders, but he must raise and pay for the rest of the army himself. Gaius has decided that he does not fear the fates so much, and the (hoped for) rewards are so great, he does, in fact, “dare to win or lose it all.”

    Full report & pictures here:


    Thanks for putting up these reports, I have just signed up on dakka.

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    Good battle report!

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