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I am familiar with those two. the early list is for the 1st & 2nd crusade. I am working on the 3rd crusade, as mentioned in other posts here and on Facebook.
That list (generic V1) has a bishop, but not the special rule. so it seems to be more or less the same as a noble, just with different stats.
That got me to wondering if I missed anything.

Incidentally, did you ever get the 3rd Crusade list I emailed you as mentioned on Facebook a couple months ago?

One of the reasons I am working on my own list is their is no unit for the Military orders for the later crusades – and that is no fun.
In any case, the “0-1” restriction doesn’t work as there was often at least two (Templars & Hospitallers) & I don’t think they played well together (i.e. putting them in same unit doesn’t make sense, not to me anyway).