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Progress report.

Busy, busy time but in the odd hours when I’m not working, I’ve read the rule book & managed to absorb the rules. To bolster this, I’ve been running solo “exercises” – a unit of cataphracts charges some Goth archers…..etc. I find this gives me a real handle on the rule mechanisms.BTW WaC really is an elegant system.
I’ve re-organised my Late Roman & Hun-Goth armies to suit. This has meant buying some figures to make up shortfalls. Regular infantry units are now 16-20 figures. Cavalry is in 8s, with light and skirmish cavalry up to 10 figures per unit. etc. Always a challenge to add a few figures to an existing unit as you need to match colours & painting style so they blend in.Each side now has 20+ units.
I’ve also been bombarding my pals with messages about the rules and future games. As a group, we’re all pretty busy with work – what’s happened to the world? – so, I’m hoping a first game in August-September. I’ll umpire it, of course.
I think something simple – maybe a 10 unit a side game? I could send my army lists to my pals, stipulate a lowish points total & tell them to go “shopping”? Or maybe just split my Late Romans in two & call it a civil war.
At any rate, I want to run a full scale solo game before this so I am completely on top of the rules.
I’m very much enjoying the WaC experience so far and anticipating games to come.