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yes when charging there is only the Impact Bonus of +1, unless its clearly noted elsewhere in an army list or similar.
In the book (page 80) Impact is listed under ‘other bonuses’ to remind you about it. We first meet it on page 53. It looks like the person who did the QRC (a member of the community) just duplicated it, I will see if I can edit it in some way.

A countercharging unit does not get the impact bonus, see page 53 for why

Cavalry are Battle Formations but currently get no Combat Rank Bonus but do get Push and Shove bonus and if they charge enemy flank or rear, you get those bonuses as well.
I have written some updates and am planning on giving cavalry Combat Rank bonus (subject to history in some circumstances) to help level them up a bit. Because of that, Shock bonus will then change. More on that in a few weeks.

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