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Our gaming group has recently jumped in to try a few Romans vs Barbarians games, relying on the Quick Reference Charts before fully reading the actual rulebook . . . and is wondering if there is something we’re misinterpreting in the QRC in the “Combat Results Section” for regular combat formations.

Mainly, in the QRC, we were wondering if the “Battle Formation charge target in their frontal attack zone +1” is rather a duplicate of the “Charge Impact Bonus of +1” listed under “Other Combat Bonuses”.

The QRC says there is a “Charge Impact Bonus of +1” under “Other combat bonuses”.
* It then lists several other bonus modifiers under “Impact Bonus”, including: +1 for “battle formations charge target in their frontal attack zone” (when would attack elsewhere be permitted?). That would suggest charging units would always get at least a +2 modifier?
* The rulebook did not mention a second Impact bonus. . . It rather implied just a +1 total for charging.

The rulebook and the QRC both state that regular cavalry gets only an Impact bonus.
* Would that be two Impact bonuses per the QRC?
* Cavalry fighting in the Flank or Rear of an enemy would get no extras bonuses, since those fall under “Other Combat Bonuses” in both rulebook and QRC?
* It seems cavalry is also not eligible for the “push and shove” bonus.

The QRC states that “Bonus lost if charging unit disordered & when counter-charging.”
* This was directly under “Impact Bonus”, but would it apply also to the first Impact bonus under “Other Combat Bonus”? Would make some sense, but did not see it mentioned in the rulebook.
* Denying the bonus to counter-chargers seems new (rulebook did not seem to mention it), but then we haven’t yet found any reason for defenders to ever counter-charge.