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Hello, Rob.
I very much appreciate your kindness in replying. I have seen bits of the book reproduced in a couple of reviews & it does very much look like something to be proud of.

AFAICS, the problem with my small units would be their brittleness. I think I can probably tweak this by maybe using a D10 for shooting/combat to result in fewer “Kills”? I hope you won’t be offended if I modify as little as possible to accommodate my quirks.

I am one of 6 committed (we probably should be…) wargamers. Not a club but just mates who’ve gamed in each others homes for quite a few years. Sadly, I’m the one who likes to try out new rules for the several periods we cover, so on this issue, I’m afraid I’m tolerated rather than celebrated.
So, persuading my pals to embrace WaC will mean I buy the book, change what’s needful & host a number of games. If I do all this, some of them will come on board & buy their own copies. Try before you buy is their war cry.

I will buy a copy & go through the process outlined (NOT a chore BTW). We have a show game we’re committed to (AZW) in July so these trial games won’t be before September. Expect an order soon-ish.

Thanks, donald