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No problem replying its just takes me longer 🙂

8 cats can take on 16 infantry, provided they charged they probably have a decent chance.

Whilst I am obviously biased, the book was put together to be a real visual feast, with the vast majority of rule explanations using photos rather than diagrams, probably one of the first times it was done at the level we took it to.. 🙂

You can view some page spreads when you look at the War & conquest rulebook in the webstore

Many people were/still are very impressed and I am very proud of the book – games not too bad either 🙂

Whilst it might seem an odd thing to suggest, if you can find a willing gaming group partner, buying two copies may work out less expensive overall than two copies individually..

If you want more than that let me know and I can see if there are better/cheaper ways to send them. (possibly not, but I can take a look) – just let me know

Hope that helps

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