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Hello, Rob.
Good of you to answer whilst on holiday (& apologies for bothering you).

Q1 is the key question. I really don’t want to discard my rather elaborate movement trays so it may come down to frontage if I can combine, say, 2 existing units of x8 Goth Noble infantry to form one unit of 16 figures etc & keep them on their current trays.
I could, of course, discard the trays completely, but moving single figures, one by one, would be time consuming (Holy HG Wells!).

The battle report you referred me to is useful – the Mycenaeans have the much larger infantry units than the Egyptians, who are in 12s & 16s (which would suit me better). Those chariot units in the demo game *are* small 6-8 models. This would suit my current mounted units of 8-9 figures, if chariots are comparable to cavalrymen. So, can 8 cataphracts successfully fight 16 armoured infantry?

I should add I have no intention of playing in tournaments or even using WaC to game outside my little group, so possibly some ‘tweaks’ will work? We’re in OZ BTW. I mention this because you might think me cheap – the price of the rule book looks very reasonable but the P&P ensures I shouldn’t be too promiscuous in ordering.

I’ll think over all this. The next step might be to buy your rule book to see if I could make it work, then, if so, try to “sell” it to my pals. I take the comment from several reviews that it is worth owning even if you never game your system seriously.

I hope you enjoy tour break.


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