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hopefully you got my email, on holiday and it looks like you put the first post as we left 🙂

Answer to q 3, not familiar with fog basing, but if both armies are based the same I am sure you can make it work.

Q2, NO shouldn’t be, but always happy to try and help confirm points values, especially if we are getting some new lists out of it 🙂

Q1 – you will probably want to combine the infantry into units of 24 for more durability. this is easy to do by making a new movement tray to the correct frontage and putting the models on there rather than physically rebase them.

Check the Age of Warlords booklet as this may help with some of your army list needs and were well played in a couple of themed events. (all the event reports were lost when we changed the website and forum unfortunately )

there’s a battle report called ‘they came from beyond the sea’ which gives some explantation to the rules, you can download it from here or the scarab webstore for free.

Any other questions please ask,

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