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I’ll answer my own email (I may, yet, end up talking to myself…..the doctors warned me….).
I’ve found some good reviews, some battle reports & a podcast about the rules.
I think I have as good a handle on them as you can without actually reading the rule book.

Several participants on a forum I infest (LAWS) also gave them a thumb’s up; albeit without actually having played a game – yeah, I know but they’re canny fellows & I respect their opinions.

A couple of questions though:

1. My Late Roman/Barbarian armies are in somewhat quirky unit sizes. Infantry in 12s, Archers & light cavalry in 10s, heavy cavalry in 8s. I’m thinking this will be OK? I do not want to add to existing units to bring them up to strength. They’re all individually mounted.
2. If I follow the points system, are there any pitfalls if I customise my armies? eg my Late Romans fall somewhere between your Imperial & Dark Age lists. My barbarians are Hun/Goth/Sarmatian/Alan etc.
3. We do Chariot Wars using FoG. Is it at all possible to use the WaC rules without re-basing?

cheers, donald