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War & Conquest update

You will notice there is now a new category in the War & Conquest section of the webstore called ‘Resources’ and some free downloads. This is part of a migration so that all the army organisation lists, gaming aids and related material is all in one place and easy to access, as some people are struggling to log onto the forum.

At the time of writing this, I have not started uploading the Army Organisation lists yet, but that will start to happen over the next week or so. Keep an eye on social media as War & Sorcery will appear here as well – check out the Facebook page for more information.

Much of this downloadable material is free and will remain so, but over time, there will be some new purchasable supporting material and purchasable pdf versions of some new printed products and the War & Conquest rulebook itself.

Suppliers and the Pandemic

As a result of the pandemic, a number of our suppliers are working with reduced staff, and an increased workload. As the UK once again approaches a new lockdown from November 5th this will have an impact on our ability to supply products not manufactured by ourselves as our suppliers will come under further pressure.

So as at the start of November here’s a quick overview of what we have and the process moving forward

Wargames Atlantic – we have great stock levels and new products on the way.

Great War Miniatures – we have stock of most codes (at the time of writing!) but that changes on a daily basis. We reorder regularly but the restock can be delayed due to the circumstances mentioned above. If you order and we don’t have it, we will let you know and then either provide an alternative, a refund or wait until more stock comes in.

1st Corps vehicles and other third party products – stock as indicated in the webstore.

Unsurprisingly, as we manufacture Scarab Miniatures, our 1/48th and Project X WW2 ranges here, they are no problem, plus we have plenty of War & Conquest rule books if you need one!

Postage Charges

We are back from holiday (and all outstanding and current orders have been despatched today) and discovered the US postal service has increased its charges to the Royal Mail – which in turn are passed on to us. Therefore with immediate effect we will be increasing the postage and packing charge for US customers – sorry!

As I have to reconfigure the webstore slightly, in the short term, we will contact US customers and let them know there will be an additional charge applied, and then you can either make the additional payment or we can issue a refund – once the webstore is updated over the next couple of days, the above will no longer apply as the system will work automatically.

Holiday Time!

Scarab will be enjoying a well earned break over the next couple of weeks so we won’t be despatching orders.

The web store is of course open to receive orders and we will process them on a first come first served basis..

Normal service will resume on the 3rd August, although we will be back in action before then.

EMAILS June 9 to present

Dear customers – currently our email addresses (info and orders at scarab miniatures) are not working, so if you have any questions regarding orders please make contact by telephone number/text on the webpage – thank you

Wargames Atlantic

We have started to add all the Wargames Atlantic products to our webstore and will be adding a few deals. A number of items are on preorder so do bear that in mind when ordering.

We are still despatching orders subject to stock availability. We will endeavour to make contact and update you if we do not have everything in stock so please ensure your email address is correct!

Thank you and stay safe

Corona virus update

March 23rd 2020. First off – remember to follow the guidelines issued by your government and heath service in order to protect yourselves – very important!

Here in the UK we are currently adapting to the changes, and so there is some disruption to sending out orders as we are attempting minimise travel and social contact, as per current guidelines.

We will continue to process orders and despatch them within those restrictions. It is possible as time progresses we may not be able to renew stock from third party suppliers but we will keep customers advised of any issues, so please ensure your email address is correct when you order – If there is likely to be a delay on an order we send out a message and then update as required.

The web store is open but we are not currently attending any shows – although I am using the time to write some new material for War & Conquest, Projekt X and painting some models for some future show games.

So, keep your distance, enjoy your hobby, and follow the relevant health guidelines

We are away

But the webstore is still open!

As its school holidays here in the UK we are offline for a few days 16 Feb through to 21 Feb, but you can still order as normal and we will process the orders when we return – thank you

In other news – check out the Scarab Facebook page, recent War & Conquest battle reports can be found there and coming very soon, an update on Zero Hour – The Great War with a few pictures

What happened to January?

Wow, I hope everyone had a great Christmas, been surprisingly busy with the ‘day job’ so not had chance to post anything interesting.

Check our Facebook page for pictures of recent War & Conquest games, there has been a few of those along with Free army lists being added to the Forums and I am attempting to find some time to write up War & Sorcery.

For those who ordered during January – thank you, its appreciated

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas, Seasons Greeting and Happy Holidays to all our customers and friends.

The webstore is open but over the Christmas period we won’t be despatching orders. We will start sending them out after 2 January 2020