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Seasons Greetings

To all our customers, have a tremendous Christmas and New Year. Stay safe in these difficult times. The web store will open during the Christmas period but we won’t be shipping until January 4 2022 unless we happen to get an opportunity in-between the day job and the family activities. Many thanks for your business and support in 2021 – see you in 2022!

not shipping until 1st November

School holidays here in the UK, and so Scarab Miniatures will be doing a range of family activities. Therefore, although the webstore will still be open, we will not be shipping orders until November 1st 2021. While we are on a break, we will be putting together plans for Projekt X rules, supporting material for War & Conquest (and Sorcery!) and new miniatures, so we won’t be completely idle or just simply enjoying ourselves 🙂 More when we come back

SELWG 17 October 2021

Scarab Miniatures will be at this show with a trade stand rammed with Wargames Atlantic plastic sets and whatever else we can fit in the car. Preordering is therefore recommended especially as the Wargames Atlantic sets will be at £20 a set and stock is limited. We will also have a War & Mythology game based on War & Conquest using Scarab Miniatures Greek and Spartan ranges along with Wargames Atlantic Skeletons and RGB Printing Centaurs and Fauns. Keep an eye on Facebook for live updates and photos during the day. See you there!

No shipping during this period

We will not be shipping from Thursday August 12 through to August 23. Family business and some trips away. The webstore will of course be open during that period and depending on internet access we may answer emails if we can. The phone still works though so text if its desperate! Once back we will start despatching orders and so on Thank you

IPMS Show Thornbury Nr Bristol 8 August 2021

This show is on and Scarab Miniatures will be there – both show and our attendance are subject to a variety of government guidelines and restrictions which can change, so keep an eye on our website and the IPMS page here We will have the full range of Wargames Atlantic plastic sets with us, War & Conquest rulebooks and a selection of Great War Miniatures from various manufacturers, along with what ever else we can fit in the car! If you want to preorder – please get in touch. On the day we will accept cash or payments via PayPal, subject to internet access. If you want to prepay and collect on the day, just get in touch and we can sort that out.

Shows are returning!

Yes it seems Wargames shows are returning and we hope to be attending some of them with our products and a chosen selection of other suppliers including the entire Wargames Atlantic plastic range.

More details as we get confirmation of which shows are happening and what exciting show deals we will be offering.

And yes, we will be taking cash, as well as PayPal transactions (subject to getting a suitable mobile connection!)

Preorders will be welcome, and you can either pay in advance or on the day.

2021 has arrived!

Happy New Year to all our customers – let us hope that 2021 is an improvement on 2020.

Having delayed for as long as possible I have now increased shipping costs to the USA – apologies for that, but with rising costs it was inevitable. It is likely other shipping costs will also rise due to the United Kingdom leaving the EU, but right now I am trying to hold off for as long as possible whilst I get a better understanding of what the effects might be.

All being well, during 2021 you will see more packs for our Egyptian range being released. These have been mastered for some time, and I plan to get production moulds made during the first part of 2021. Pictures will appear on our Facebook page as soon as I have them ready.

There will also be new material for War & Conquest, plus War & Sorcery. The delay with the latter is creating a Magic system that I really like and fits in with the rest of the War & Conquest game play. Currently writing version 8!

War & Conquest does now have its own Facebook page, plus I am starting to add free downloads to the Scarab webstore and more will appear during 2021 including the army lists.

Theres nothing new planned for our Great War ranges at the moment, but our 1/48th scale Projekt X and WW2 ranges may get some additions – the Russians need some Command for a start and I have been sketching out some rule mechanics to go with the Projekt X background.

As ever always welcome to receive suggestions!

Kind Regards


War & Conquest update

You will notice there is now a new category in the War & Conquest section of the webstore called ‘Resources’ and some free downloads. This is part of a migration so that all the army organisation lists, gaming aids and related material is all in one place and easy to access, as some people are struggling to log onto the forum.

At the time of writing this, I have not started uploading the Army Organisation lists yet, but that will start to happen over the next week or so. Keep an eye on social media as War & Sorcery will appear here as well – check out the Facebook page for more information.

Much of this downloadable material is free and will remain so, but over time, there will be some new purchasable supporting material and purchasable pdf versions of some new printed products and the War & Conquest rulebook itself.

Suppliers and the Pandemic

As a result of the pandemic, a number of our suppliers are working with reduced staff, and an increased workload. As the UK once again approaches a new lockdown from November 5th this will have an impact on our ability to supply products not manufactured by ourselves as our suppliers will come under further pressure.

So as at the start of November here’s a quick overview of what we have and the process moving forward

Wargames Atlantic – we have great stock levels and new products on the way.

Great War Miniatures – we have stock of most codes (at the time of writing!) but that changes on a daily basis. We reorder regularly but the restock can be delayed due to the circumstances mentioned above. If you order and we don’t have it, we will let you know and then either provide an alternative, a refund or wait until more stock comes in.

1st Corps vehicles and other third party products – stock as indicated in the webstore.

Unsurprisingly, as we manufacture Scarab Miniatures, our 1/48th and Project X WW2 ranges here, they are no problem, plus we have plenty of War & Conquest rule books if you need one!