2021 has arrived!

Happy New Year to all our customers – let us hope that 2021 is an improvement on 2020.

Having delayed for as long as possible I have now increased shipping costs to the USA – apologies for that, but with rising costs it was inevitable. It is likely other shipping costs will also rise due to the United Kingdom leaving the EU, but right now I am trying to hold off for as long as possible whilst I get a better understanding of what the effects might be.

All being well, during 2021 you will see more packs for our Egyptian range being released. These have been mastered for some time, and I plan to get production moulds made during the first part of 2021. Pictures will appear on our Facebook page as soon as I have them ready.

There will also be new material for War & Conquest, plus War & Sorcery. The delay with the latter is creating a Magic system that I really like and fits in with the rest of the War & Conquest game play. Currently writing version 8!

War & Conquest does now have its own Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/War-Conquest-104021388266236 plus I am starting to add free downloads to the Scarab webstore and more will appear during 2021 including the army lists.

Theres nothing new planned for our Great War ranges at the moment, but our 1/48th scale Projekt X and WW2 ranges may get some additions – the Russians need some Command for a start and I have been sketching out some rule mechanics to go with the Projekt X background.

As ever always welcome to receive suggestions!

Kind Regards