We welcome trade enquiries for War & Conquest and our miniature lines or you can contact the companies below

Retailers can obtain War & Conquest and our other products from the following distributors and trade accounts around the world

Casemate Publishing (US)

North Star Military Figures (all products)

Wargames Factory (US)

Wargames Factory plastic sets are now online in our web store and are proving very popular Wargames Factory stock War & Conquest on their web store and at conventions they attend in the USA, and in conjunction with ourselves, offering a range of army rosters and 'starter' army deals

Warpath Games (US)

The following fine businesses stock War & Conquest

Miniature Manufacturers (check in case theres an army or unit deal available when you buy the book)

Aventine Miniatures

Gripping Beast

Miniature Design Studio

Old Glory (UK) Ltd

Relic Miniatures

Wargames Factory (US)

Retailers and other suppliers (this is not an extensive list by any means so if your local store should be on here, do let us know)

Stafford Games

Orcs Nest
Spirit Games

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