War and Conquest

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Planet Rock- The greatest radio station out there. On DAB or†I usually have Planet Rock car stickers at shows, so pick one up or†ask†if you can't see them (if I don't thrust one at you first!) or if ordering via the website, please ask in 'special instructions'. As many of you know, I am happy to chat about Rock music. The 'Dark Place' on our forum is also there for that purpose.

Societies and Associations

Western Front Association&Royal British Legion
Both these groups are important and worthy of links so here they are. The WFA also covers the war in Italy, where British forces saw heavy action towards the end of the war

Lance and Longbow Society
While we donít have any medieval ranges yet, this is a passionate group with an interesting magazine for wargamers and those interested in the period.

Society of Ancients
A popular society for many Ancients gamers

WAB Forum
One of the the best discussion forums around many of the Wargaming Ancient Battles gaming systems including War & Conquest.

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