About Scarab

Scarab was originally dreamt up back in 2001 but it took until 2008 for the business to come into reality.

We produce ranges of miniature model soldiers for wargamers, collectors and model makers. More recently we have published 'War & Conquest', the highly acclaimed set of Ancient and Medieval wargames rules. This is the first in a series of publishing projects and the book has been produced with the highest possible production values. You can view a page spread and imagery at www.warandconquest.co.uk and there is plenty of discussion and supporting material on the Scarab forum.

We intend to focus on periods of history not well catered for by major manufacturers and deliever to our customers a high quality product in a prompt and efficient manner. We are wargamers, collectors and model makers ourselves, so when planning out our ranges and products, we always try and ask ourselves the question “would we buy it?”

We actively organise gaming days for War & Conquest and World War One in the Bristol area, and support events further afield. We attend a number of wargames shows in the UK with a trade stand and demonstration or participation game, so do stop by and say hello.

If you have any requests for expansions to our existing ranges, ideas for periods of history or ranges not well covered else where by others, feel free to drop us a line!

For those of you who already own our products, we welcome feedback and photographs of painted Scarab models in action that we can use on our web site.

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