March 5th  2014

Next Shows

Please preorder when you can

Legionary Exeter May 3rd (includes War & Conquest mini campaign)

Attack Devizes July 19/20 (includes War & Conquest gaming event)

We now have a Facebook page here

War & Conquest Gaming Weekend - we had a fantastic time - pictures and report on the web site

New Publications

We have several in development, including 'The Big Push' (provisional title) for the Great War, Projekt X and the first of our supplements for War & Conquest

New Miniatures

We have additions to our ranges on the way. I am mapping out a list at the moment.

Our Great War range will receive reinforcements early in 2014 including the Romfell, Austrian artillery, Italian mortar and an FT-17 for the French, more details in 2014

1/48th WW2 range - Support weapons - Mortars and HMGs  (starting with Germans and British, then Americans and finally the Russians). Then some conversions to the existing ranges to add some extra figures. Then we will do some command and start on all the new models for Projekt X

Egyptians in 28mm - Spearmen, Command and Chariots

Greeks in 28mm - Cavalry

Time scales will be advised once we have the new miniatures underway

Schletrum World War One Vehicles- We sold out of these excellent resin vehicles, including trucks and armoured cars for the French, Germans and Austrians. We have a reorder in, and I have taken some pictures ready for the web store.

We now have the Wargames Factory plastic sets in the web site. These are proving very popular- check out our super value deals, especially when combined with a copy of War & Conquest!

FREE new army lists for War & Conquest all online- 500 and counting!

This includes a 157 page FREE Napoleonic supplement, the Renaissance and Seven Years War army lists for War & Conquest- thanks to Olaf and his friends

We have updated our stockist section as a number of businesses now retail War & Conquest, and some of them have some great deals so check them out!

War & Conquest reviews - All the major hobby magazines reviewed War & Conquest and they were extremely positive. You will find reviews in Wargames Soldier Strategy, Vae Victus and Battlegames. There was an in depth review and interview with the author in Wargames Illustrated and online at the Meeples and Marples website. You can also find selected comments at where we have updated the site with general information about the book.

War & Conquest has arrived. 

War & Conquest is on sale. The book is casebound (hardback), 176 pages and full colour. Retail price £28. We have also included a couple of army deals for our Greek and Spartan ranges. Trade and retail enquires are welcome.

Free army organisational lists, battle reports, articles and supporting material are available online in our forum. This is constantly updated as there is plenty of material to add. You will find some older battle reports, pictures of games in action and an overview with design notes.

A recent edition of Wargames Illustrated usesd the War & Conquest artwork on its cover and had an extensive article inside, written by Rick Priestley. You can find out more details and view some pictures here

Previous News

January 2012 War & Conquest is released!

August 2009 -Scarab Miniatures acquired the 1/48th scale Projekt X and World War Two military figure lines from North Star Military Figures Limited. Both ranges can be obtained and viewed in our web store Distribution of these ranges to retail stores will continue to be handled by North Star Military Figures. The miniature line for both ranges will be supported by new releases and a full background for Projekt X will be developed. This background, along with rules for table top gaming and other supporting material using the miniatures will be contained in a series of sourcebooks and PDFs covering both Projekt X and historical World War Two actions. You can find out more by visiting our Projekt X page Scarab Miniatures Limited stock 1/48th scale plastic kits and will be adding terrain, buildings and accessories. All of which enable you to bring your table top or diorama to life for a complete wargaming or model making hobby experience. Our thanks to Nick Eyre at North Star and Richard Ansell for ensuring the handover has all gone smoothly and thank you for your interest and your custom.

We have set up a yahoo group for those who perfer that to forums and as a back up for contacting us. You can find it here

November 2008 We are live!

After several months of preparation, welcome to Scarab Miniatures. Robi Baker has sculpted our Great War in Italy range. Richard Ansell and Dan Pacey sculpted the majority of the Projekt X and World War Two 1/48th with a couple of models from Mike Owen. Martin Baker has sculpted our Ancient Greek and Egyptian ranges.

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