Great War

Introduction to our Great War ranges
The Great War is without doubt one of those most brutal conflicts and yet, it usually remembered for the battles in France and Belgium.
Yet as it truly was a World War, there were many other theatres of war, and the fighting there was equally as brutal and bloody as any seen on the Western Front
The War in Italy
The war on the Italian Front is one of those conflicts, and is where we have chosen to start our Great War ranges.

A feature of this war zone was that much of the fighting took place in and around mountainous regions and the rivers flowing out of them. Much of the fighting took place around the river Isonzo, where in total 12 battles were fought,

Our first range shows the armies of Italy and Austro Hungary as they would have been found from late 1916 through to 1918, thus enabling us to cover one the most well documented battles of Isonzo, the 12th, also known as Caporetto. This Austro Hungarian offensive had full support from German Divisions, including the Wurttembergers, commanded by Erwin Rommel who became better known for his WW2 exploits in North Africa.
Despite some of the biggest territorial gains seen from a single offensive in World War One the Austro Hungarian advance eventually stalled due to the determined efforts of the Italian army on the banks of the river Paive, along with issues of supply and the withdrawal of the Germans back to the Western Front in readiness for the Spring offensives.

Mountain troops from all sides were in savage winter fighting up in the mountains and this offers some exciting modelling and gaming opportunities.

Other nations were also involved in Italy, British and French divisions saw action, the British being heavily involved in repulsing attacks on the Paive in June 1918 and then in support of the Italians, during the final offensives during October 1918

What this all means for the gamer is there are a host of options and ideas for games and scenarios- mountain assaults, river crossings, trench raids and full blown operations across wide fronts against fortified positions.

Details of armies
Like all the conflicts in the Great War, many innovations and weapons of war were experimented with, and the Italians and Austrians were no exception. Each section has an introduction and adds some detail to some of our packs
While our models are all nominally 28mm foot to eye, some are larger and some are smaller. This is deliberate. Most of our rifles come complete with bayonet fitted. This can be removed or shortened to suit personal taste. Unless noted otherwise, there are no duplicates in our packs. Some of our packs can contain extra pieces so you can add further variation to your models and we also supply additional weapons and equipment packs. Highlights are noted in the detailed pack descriptions.

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