Projekt X

" A new Dark Age, made more sinister... by the lights of perverted science" -  Sir Winston Churchill (1940)

Projekt X is a range of 1/48th scale pewter figures set in a covert World War Two where the Allies and even the German people themselves face an evil and horrific foe. The range will be supported by rules and an extended background which we are currently developing. Some of the material in this section contains adult themes and parental guidence may be necessary.

The miniatures are suitable for the modeller, collector and wargamer. Packs usually contain one miniature unless noted and if a base is required we supply either a plastic slotabase or metal base. Project X was originally created by Nick Eyre at North Star and Scarab acquired the range in August 2009. Whilst we upgrade the range some models will still have the North Star mark on the base.  Projekt X miniatures can be used in conjunction with our  1/48th scale World War Two range. These are also listed in this section for your convienence

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