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Rameses II Bringer of war 
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Post Rameses II Bringer of war
Rameses II Bringer of war

Fantasic game at the Victorian Outpost, lots of Ancients on display all 28mm, we decided to use a marsh and see what would happen between the Egyptian and Hittites, the marsh in the center became a massive pain in the backside for both sets of players, chariots on the left and right flanks charged each other supported by infantry.

Game was very even and went down to the last roll of the evening, Egyptian winning this one by the skin of the teeth.

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Rameses II is the son of Seti I who became an Egyptian Pharaoh in his 30th year of age. He ruled Egypt for about 67 years. He was believed to be the greatest and the most renowned pharaoh of Egypt. As the 3rd Egyptian pharaoh of the new kingdom, he ruled Egypt from 1279 BC to 1213 BC .

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Being the leader of a nation brings with it a responsibility to keep his land free from the danger of invasion. It is an obligation of a Pharaoh to make use of his power to maintain the peace of his land during his supremacy.

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Rameses II most famous fight of conquest was the one with the Hittites of Kadesh. During his fifth year of being a Pharaoh, Rameses II battled in Syria against the Hittites and its alliance. The war continued for twenty years after the series of battles with the Hittites.

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In his second battle, Rameses II experienced difficulties during his attack on Athe, a city of Kadesha where he almost fell during the battle through deceit. It happened when he grouped his soldiers into four groups namely:

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Amun, Ra, Ptah and Setekh. Rameses II led the Amun division outside the city with the Ra division about a mile and a half behind. The Hittites however, hid waiting to ambush the Pharaoh’s army. They first attacked the Ra division so that the Pharaoh wouldn’t have it as reinforcement. Fortunately, the group managed to escape. The Hittites then attacked the Amun group and surrounded the Pharaoh. However, Ramses II managed to fight back in the combat and was able to pave the way out for him and his men after killing quite a large number of Hittites.

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After that, the Pharaoh and his men camped to regroup the army. They then went into battle again for four hours until all of them were drained of energy. Rameses II decided to pull his army out from the battle.

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It was a draw battle. After several years, Rameses II reached an agreement with the prince of the Hittites. It was settled that Egypt and the Hittites were not to invade or attack each other’s land. They also formed an alliance to defend one another against common enemies and in subduing revolts in Syria. 13 years after the truce, Rameses II married the daughter of Manefrure’s, the prince of Hittite, a daughter named Hattusilis.

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The Victorian Outpost is a new building created at the beginning of 2016, we can cater for almost any period and we now have the support of "Adrians Walls" and "Hovels Buildings" who have come on board.

Victorian Outpost has quickly become the number one wargaming place in town with its friendly welcome and fun place to visit, please pm myself to arrange a set time and date.

More photos on the website at
Thanks Malc

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