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First game of WAS - Men vs Dwarfs
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Author:  Dave Gee [ Mon Dec 01, 2014 10:19 am ]
Post subject:  First game of WAS - Men vs Dwarfs

Eragon and I played our first game of WAS last night. It was really as an excuse to blow the dust off of our fantasy miniatures and to have a crack at the magic rules. Initial impressions of the Dwarf list was that they were quite expensive for some of the troop types. The game progressed nicely with the usual WAC situation of one side getting the upperhand and then the tables turning. The game ended in a draw with moral victory and bragging rights going to eragon and his Men. The Dwarfs were sent packing.

There was only 1 issue that we couldn't resolve and that was how to maintain spells. Overall the magic system worked very well and there was nothing overpowered that we came across. We were perhaps too conservative early in the game as we found our feet, so a lesson learned.

It was very nostalgic to get the Dwarfs on the table. It must be 3+ years since they emerged, blinking, on to the tabletop. 8-)

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