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Scythed chariots 
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Post Scythed chariots
I feel (perhaps wrongly) that some of the gimmicky elements in the army lists are disproportionately powerful. An example today when a unit of mine with a 9 man frontage charged an enemy unit with a 6 man frontage and a scythed chariot. The enemy countercharged. My unit was disordered and quickly lost. This to me is absurd. How could the chariot (yes, I know it represents a number of chariots) disorder the vast bulk of my unit engaged man-to-man with the enemy? In reality, the thousands of men represented by these units would not even know of the chariot's attack, far less be affected by it. In historic battles things like scythed chariots were peripheral but in WAC they are crucial. It becomes an arms race. You have to have them. If you are going to have elements like elephants and chariots that disorder entire units then they should obviously also disorder friendly units engaged in the same combat. Finally, can you clarify the point about when scythed chariots leave combat? If they have been engaged with other units in a combat against enemy units ought the enemy to receive a Combat Bonus of 2 when they leave?

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Hi Kev

I think in the heat of battle you got a few rules mixed up -

scythed chariots obey the rules for cavalry/chariots and cannot counter charge unless its another cavalry unit charging - see page 142 middle column last paragraph (for clarity unlike other chariots they can charge battle formations though see page 145 first column second para first line)

Scythed chariots are 'one shot' weapons and get removed after impact - a unit contacted by one regains order in its following round of play after contact - this can mean it may be disordered for a couple of rounds of combat as much will be determined by who wins Strategic Advantage

I don't understand your last sentence - but scythed chariots were typically used to disrupt enemy formations before the main attack so this rule (giving the enemy a +2 for the removal of the chariot page 145 third column first para) discourages a player trying a 'combined arms' assault (especially if they roll rubbish like I do when converting hits to kills!!) - they should really launch the scythed chariot first and then follow up with the main attack while the enemy is still disordered - assuming of course they win Strategic Advantage and can actually get the charge in before the enemy gets itself reordered!

Hope that helped but if it didn't just ask away!

many thanks


Kind regards

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