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Headlines Updated 24th November 2016

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Shows - We are at the following shows with plenty of WW1 miniatures, Projekt X and our WW2 1/48th ranges, various plastic sets including Wargames Factory, Conquest Games, Gripping Beast and Victrix along with our popular War & Conquest rules. Preordering advisable on all products as there is only is much we can bring!

On Sale - Finally, our British MKV* (sized for 28mm miniatures - Picture here) is ready. Male and Female versions will be online once I have packed a few up, along with more pictures once the paint brush has had a go! If you want to grab one before its in the webstore, drop us an email and let us know!

Next Shows and Gaming Events - details on Forum

November 27 - Reveille Bristol - trade stand and WW1 Somme game

We now have over 500 FREE War & Conquest army lists online here. These free gaming resources include a 157 page Napoleonic supplement and Seven Years War army lists can be found in our Forum. We have started to update and reformat some of the lists (startin with the mot popular armes), its a time consuming process s if there is a list you want in particular, jut let us know

The Dwarf and Orc and Goblin lists for War & Sorcery are online - Dead and Dark Elves next

We publish War & Conquest (ancient and medieval wargame rules) and produce 28mm and 1/48th scale model soldiers for wargamers, collectors and model makers. We stock a wide range of World War One models in 28mm (one of the most extensive on the web which we also take to shows), our own range (Scarab) plus Great War Miniatures, Woodbine Designs, 1st Corps, Scheltrum and Sloppy Jalopy vehicles.Wargames Factory plastic sets are online in our web store ONLY A FEW SETS LEFT.

All our products are listed and pictured in our catalogue, which you can order on line, payment being handled via PayPal. Please note you can pay by credit card without using Paypal although you do need to create a Paypal account the first time you use the site. Once registered, you can either click 'return to Scarab Miniatures and then recomplete the order (and this time you get an option to use a credit/debit card without logging into Paypal) or continue and use Paypal. 

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