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Headlines Updated 3rd  March 2015

Wargames Factory American War of Independence -  All current AWI packs now in stock and we have some great Bundle Deals! AWI Indians will be on the site soon - please ask about ordering

We now have a Facebook page here Please 'like' us

Shows - We are at the following shows with plenty of WW1 miniatures and Wargames Factory plastic sets, along with our popular War & Conquest rules. Preordering advisable on all products as there is only is much we can bring!

Battle Day ( Bletchley) Society of Ancients 28 March - Hydaspes 326 BC - We are not trading here, but will be there with some other War & Conquest enthusiasts running a large game and can bring any preorders

Legionary (Exeter) 2 May - includes War & Conquest gaming event - check  forum for details

In the works from Scarab Miniatures - A British MKV* (sized for 28mm miniatures - Picture here) which is being cast currently and the next figures in our Great War ranges will be on route soon.

We now have over 500 FREE War & Conquest army lists online here. These free gaming resources include a 157 page Napoleonic supplement and Seven Years War army lists can be found in our Forum. The Orc and Goblin list for War & Sorcery is now online . Find it and the Magic system and Dwarf army list. There is a lot more material to follow - Undead next

We publish War & Conquest (ancient and medieval wargame rules) and produce 28mm and 1/48th scale model soldiers for wargamers, collectors and model makers. We stock a wide range of World War One models in 28mm (one of the most extensive on the web which we also take to shows), our own range (Scarab) plus Great War Miniatures, Woodbine Designs, Musketeer Miniatures, 1st Corps, Scheltrum and Sloppy Jalopy vehicles.Wargames Factory plastic sets are now online in our web store along with some great value deals. We also take the full range and the deals to shows.

All our products are listed and pictured in our catalogue, which you can order on line, payment being handled via PayPal. Please note you can pay by credit card without the need for a Paypal account. When it prompts you to add your Paypal details or set up a Paypal account just click "continue with order" at the bottom of the screen. This will override the need for Paypal. Alternative order methods are listed under "Ordering".

You can find more detail on each of the specific ranges in the relevant category.Please refer to "Conditions of Use" for more information.
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